Metalsmith is an older but still awesome NodeJS static site generator. Due to metalsmith's original founding company not having done a complete open-source ownership transfer however, active development has stalled for years.

I am super-happy to have been accepted as a member of the Github metalsmith org today in the role of maintainer. Hope I can help bring it back on track. If you're curious please npm i metalsmith and head over to the newly created Gitter chat to share your input: https://gitter.im/metalsmith/... !

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    Great. Now make it super easy to use. I tried to build my blog with Hugo, spent 40hours trying to resize an image with their Image Resources, gave up...
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    @PurgeXenos I also gave it a try (too opinionated), along with Hexo & Jekyll (dislike ruby dependency) & looked at Gatsby (too many layers piled on top of one another).

    Metalsmith definitely needs polishing, but it's so simple to write a plugin for it that you can usually work around issues by yourself.
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