I wonder if anyone ( especially a highly experienced engineer ) can tell me what kind of pull requests are rude or inappropriate to do.

I saw some newbie do small fixes in docs or readme folies or some just add unnecessary lines of codes and then do a PR.

I don't know whether these are rude ones or I am thinking about it the wrong way ...
I've also attached an example ...

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    What's rude about it? Basic rule of PR is that your English should be proper and grammatically correct.
    Adding '/' to link would be just weird, nd the newb grabbed an opportunity to make a shitty contribution to someone else's pr(or if it's their own, an unnecessary additional commit) . I would squash all those unnecessary commits before making a PR.
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    @2Large No this PR is straight up wrong. The slash in the end tells you instantly it's a directory, i guess it's wanted this way.

    It's not rude it's fucken dumb and not thought through.
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    @nitwhiz Yeah, small PRs are fine - but they have to be correct.
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    Agreed with Sauce. It’s totally okay to do PRs like those small fixes and improvements, that’s why we build CICD for devs! Think agile, merge agile ;)

    But in this case the wrong part is that it is not a correct change so I wouldn’t even categorize that as an improvement, but a small degradation in the documentation
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    Thanks all for clarifying this
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    Maybe he had good intentions, You should have explained him politely why unnecessary PRs don't help.
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