Please add GDPR pop up only in region that the laws demand it pleaaassseee

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    They could not add such feature.

    Correct me if I am wrong but I remember that GDPR law applied even to EU citizen living outside of Europe.

    Therefore they cannot add a feature of adding a pop up based on location since you don't know for sure if the EU citizen is viewing your website.
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    And the GDPR legally requires that the popup be there, because it requires explicit, unambiguous consent before they're allowed to use cookies or any form of tracking at all.
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    As mentioned in another thread, you can easily add lists to your adblocker (e.g. uBlock Origin), to hide them on most websites

    PS: You could also tell at them in Québécois until they change :D

    "Ostie, m'a te dérencher la face!"
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    Wouldn't it be against GDPR to check your location before telling you about GDPR?
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    Install “minimal consent” extension or just use adguard annoyance blocker filters
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    Or they could just make their popups actually decent. Or, even better, get rid of the tracking so the popups aren't required. But that would be too user friendly.
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    on my next rant: why the fuck does any website need to know my location?
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    Even better: make your shitty website GDPR compliant without popup for everyone. Essential stuff like webshop cookies doesn't need user consent, just a description in the privacy page.
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    But people are idiot i want gdpr to be apply but use Chrome browser ... Like wtf you doing ... Chrome already take your data from the browser ... Why i need to put little popup ... If you don't want to be track special browser exist for that.
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    @jak645 "Good thing I'm not using Chrome, then, I can still complain."
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