One time in a job interview I got asked a very softball question.

"what is the difference between .net framework and .net core?"
"well not much these days. there's a few APIs that didn't get ported over. but even winforms and that are available now. essentially it's the same experience when you're writing c# or whatever"
"ok but like, what's the biggest difference?"
"well the config files are different..."
"yeah but like the main difference?"
"uh... well there's a cli for .net core. it's not tied to visual studio anymore"
"ok. moving on..."


This interaction still keeps me up at night.

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    Yeah, being cross-platform is just a small detail not worth mentioning.
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    "It was built with heavy involvement from the opensource community and without the albatross of enteprise customer interference. Every change, decision and advantages evolved and benefitted from that difference."

    #dotnetcoreRIP #WeBarelyKnewYe
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    @SortOfTested Say what now? Is .net 5 not open source?
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    Thanks for failing us, Josh...
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    .Net 5 is showing all signs of being a shift intended to realign the successful side of dotnet with the enteprise sales initiative. That means the community priorities and contrib will take a backseat to monetization.

    We saw the first indications of it in 3.0 when it was delayed for 6 months to ensure visual studio tooling was in place. They forced winforms into the initiative as well when previously it has been planned for sunset. 3.1 came out as a stabilization release, as oppose to the planned tick for C# 9.0 due to issues it creates. Now MS is positioning Blazor front and center as the UI experience of choice, which means Sanderson's influence will grow. And wherever Steve has a foothold, things inevitably become more windows-centric.

    I've started working with various micronaut and actix in earnest as a hedge against this. Will mean a major retraining effort at my firm.
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    Cross platform is an advantage that everyone shouts about, but very few people actually use.
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    @AlmondSauce Bruh one of the best things about asp.net core is I don't have to fuck with windows and iis to deploy it
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