The quarantine groundhog day never ends. Nothing makes sense.

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    Look out the window. Walk and get out as far as allowed. Do jump in jacks. Call a friend. Chat with a stranger. Shout. Watch a movie. DevRant. What we do doesn't have to make sense always. What matters is we still can do them and we can still do a lot.
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    Welcome to DevRant! 🤗
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    @iamai instructions unclear.

    Shouted at a stranger and now they are calling cops.
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    @F1973 do it a couple more times you can get admitted in a mental institution with free food, free drugs and better scenery. 😁
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    @iamai I live in my room. Movies don't engage more than for 10 or so minutes and I have no reasons to talk to a stranger.

    Feels like an anhedonia most of the times.
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    @iamai I wonder what that (mental institution) looks like in India. Probably something I don't want to see.
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