A box with 20 blotters of LSD, a bottle of Tawny Port, some rock climber's hand strength training clay which is great against RSI, a very undomesticated purring feline, some leatherworking tools (making a new folding case for my phone), 2 sesame bagels with cream cheese, a piece of cherry wood, two routers (one woodworking, one internet), one Ducky Horizon and one ErgoDox keyboard, two boxes of baby wipes and a bottle of formula, an expired ticket to a corona-cancelled concert, my sleeping newborn daughter wrapped in a black hoodie, a bottle of cognac, 3x 1440p displays, a chunk of chocolate, one freshly brewed cortado, a bottle of dimethylsulfoxide, 3 laptops, a TV remote, a glass of water, and one bolt which was left over from an IKEA box but I'm unsure which furniture item it belongs to.

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    for your sake, no picture. kids and drugs are a federal no noalways tag with jk.
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    @Wisecrack I don't live under federal law, I'm not American.

    Possession of "user amounts" of LSD is subject to confiscation here, nothing more than that. I also have a legal indemnification for possession of various substances in my country, as I have a pharmaceutical laboratory license (I used to supply researchers with various substances) — although that is officially limited to in vitro cell culture and in vivo experiments on rats, but I can legally buy and store up to half a kilogram of amphetamine for example.

    But apart from legality, morality is more important:

    I have used a lot of mind altering drugs in my life. But I would NEVER be under influence while being responsible for the care of a child. I don't even drink alcohol unless my wife is present and sober.
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    I'm just wondering how fucking massive that desk is
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    @endor Standard IKEA 80x160cm GALANT desk. Pretty sure that's where the bolt is from as well.
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