Just tried some keyboard type practice. I'm stuck at around 30wpm (40 is average) and feel like I've hit a cognitive barrier. Whatever I do I mess up the R und T keys frequently as well as occasionally some other keys. I feel like a retard, as I sometimes need to rethink where the key is that I want to press, even though I've hit it like a thousand times before.

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    Go do some text based RPG/MUD and see if it doesn't improve a lot.

    Hardware also has an impact. I lose 20wpm on Lenovo keyboards, as an example.
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    Just go slower than you theoretically can and go for precision first. Everyone feels like a retard when starting typing more or less.
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    Keep it up for a few weeks and you'll be noticably faster. And as already suggested, focus more on accuracy than speed. Typos are the main obstacle to quick typing.
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    Just comes with experience. Plus if you're anything like me then typing practice specifically does nothing for your real-world speed.

    Don't fret it too much though. I'm not the fastest typer by any means, but on my "normal" keyboard I can hit 120wpm which is more than good enough for my use case. An excellent fellow dev I know can, on a really good day, only manage 60 on his. Doesn't make him any worse at what he does. We're devs, not shorthand typists.
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    @AlmondSauce This.

    I can manage 110wpm on my shitty Bluetooth keyboard, but typing speed doesn’t even relate to productivity. I spend a full quarter of my day waiting for things to run. It’s awful.
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    Sometimes I feel dumb typing anything in chat, where you prefer speed in heat argument or another discussion because I always mess up keys 😂 Mayhaps a mechanical keyboard could solve this problem.
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    @vintprox They absolutely help! Also, stronger springs can improve your typing speed as they lift your fingers up faster. This can also make typing tiring, however, so chose your resistance carefully.

    I am a huge fan of green cherries. 😊
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