My rubik's cube, bendy straws, and lids to Squeezable apple sauce

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    Ah the transparent cube! Lovely! What’s your record solving time?
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    @scout iirc it was 1:18
    that's using a beginner method
    i haven't tried out more advanced algorithms yet
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    Why the lids?
    Why the straws?
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    I looked at the lids stacked and noticed it’s kinda bent and I thought THIS was a bendy straw with joints. I was like “he puts THAT in his mouth?”

    Then I noticed actual straws.
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    @ParkCity 1:18 using beginners method is cool! I learnt fredrich method ...haven’t practised in a long long time.....
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    @Root they are fun
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    @uyouthe a country boy makes do
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    @scout HMM
    will look it up, interesting
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