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I have a strange question (at least in my opinion). I learned Flutter for over 1 year (as of now). I don't consider myself advanced on it, but I'm very capable when it comes to create complex UIs, work with APIs and DBs, etc. However, it came to my mind to visit frontend development. I started with Angular, and I LOVED IT.

I'm wondering, is it possible to master both crafts (i.e., mobile and web development) at the same time 🤔.. I'm really into programming and any CS-related content in general, but I wonder if there's an answer to my question :).

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    Yes !!!! Not just both! You can master even more !!!! It’s just a mind block that u cannot master several things at once.
    I started as native android dev, kept telling myself and others that One cannot do 2 things and be good at both. Proved myself wrong by doing native iOS also. Then the story was repeated with flutter last year and finally with web api / backend admin panel dev with laravel this year.
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    So just - dive into it and keep practising, you’re gonna be great at both!
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    @scout thanks broo, you really gave me some hope :( ❤️
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    Web Development is much, much, much easier than mobile development, But it takes experience to master it, I guess you have enough time.
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    @theabbie really :)? I thought web development is much harderr, due enormous number of technologies/frameworks in the web dev world. Thanks for that positive push :)
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    @eng-majed It's not hard, You only need those libraries and frameworks to make better things, Web development in itself is much easier
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    @theabbie Aha, gotcha :)
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    Take a look at ionic
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