I like to paint miniatures. So I keep a small collection of what I've done sitting on my desk. I also keep drawing stuff beside me too in case I feel like doodling.

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    What material are they made from? Also, Warhammer?
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    Damn, this is really cool
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    @rutee07 all kinds of stuff. Mostly plastic and different variations. The succubus (and the violin lady) is metal. The little goblin with the bow beside her is made out of that cheaper bendy plastic that's a bastard to cleanup. The Warhammer stuff is that injection molded plastic that's pretty nice. The macargo is printed on my fdm. And the Minotaur is resin. I also have a weird one that I sculpted with super sculpey. All of the bases are all over the place as well and made of a billion different types of materials. Oh, and the fish marine kitbash on the left is a sliced model I did on my resin printer printer and a space marine.
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    @vomitmachine Awesome. Thanks. I am looking for Warhammer 40k ones, specifically the necrons. I like seeing stuff like this.
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    @rutee07 The necrons have really fun lore. There's a bunch of xenos stuff that is like to have, but I've lately been painting busts and 75mm miniatures lately, so I haven't bought any 34mm scale models for a while.

    I absolutely love the necron immortals. They'd be a blast to do OSL with. Get em all glowy with green lights.
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    Very nice
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