New job with 100% remote work. They don’t have a laptop sent. I am paid to wait for a delivery.

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    Buddy of mine ended up at a government contractor.

    He had 6 months of that.

    I ended up at a good place, but small shop, lots to do.....damn I was jealous.
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    @N00bPancakes I did a bunch of government contracting and it was full of stupidity. This job definitely isn’t that. This is my highest paying, largest scale system, massive challenge, and most prestigious job yet.

    The IT department is sagging way behind the development team and are trying to play Windows IT grab-ass in a development environment that is 100% Linux.

    So I’ll enjoy this free meal ticket for the short while I have it.
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    my first job ever, on-site, mind you, i was waiting a month for my pc to be delivered. then i was waiting for another month until boss could be bothered to give us code and db access so that we could do anything.

    the next month was realizing that the boss has no idea what work to give us.

    at the end of the month, bosse's boss visited the office, asking "whatcha doin', guys?"

    a colleague hurried to make something up. i didn't give a shit anymore so i told the truth "nothing much, since we don't have any tasks"

    i got fired at the end of the month, a day before i was going to leave anyways.

    the other new guy got fired a month after me.

    our boss got fired a month after that.

    to this day i have no idea how is it possible that the company still exists.
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