Meh-man has an interview later.
Meh-man is in a very rut and shitty mood since Monday.
Meh-man feels like he should care, but fuck everything.
Meh-man feels meh.

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    I hope you can shake it soon. It’s one of the worst feelings, imo. Have you been outside lately? That’s what usually ends up killing the meh for me.

    Good luck with interview!
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    @AmyShackles no, I've been mostly dwelling in my room for past 4 months due to pandemic stuff and working from home.
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    Take a warm shower, plan for going outside after the interview, and good luck with the interview.
    You can do this!
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    @NoMad thanks
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    So, interview upped my mood a bit. It was mostly a tech talk. No real-time code writing luckily, that would have induced some more anxiety.

    Meh-man feeling just a bit less meh now. He should get some fatty creamy stuff to cheer himself.
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    @iiii Also feeling meh.
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    Meh-feelers unite! 🖐🏻
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