Remember when Level3 was just a simple backbone provider and not a threat to the internet itself on account of being owned and operated by the incompetent fucks at the worst ISP in the US?

We really need some regulation that states ISPs, cable companies and telephone companies are ineligible to be backbone providers. Shit is too important.


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    Yup. But here we are. Ajit Pai and tel-com pals running what is supposed to be a government oversight department. But like everything in this administration, oversight and checks and balances no longer exist. Its every company rape government for the money and the Feds just keep printing more of it. Absurd.
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    Credit where it's due though, Pai was appointed to the commission by Obama, who was too woke to see past his ethnicity to the fact that he is a complete shit heel typical of the VZ archetype. He just proved so utterly awful that Trump kept him on. Beware anyone with a Verizon background.
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    When you break production.. 🤣 Someone had a bad day.
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    Why do some people have different coloured ++ in their profiles
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    @SortOfTested I know, I mean why different Colors of that
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    It matches your icon background.
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