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    Brace your selves downvotes are coming
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    Or if it is really unanswered, they will answer it 😂
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    Does not matter. You will get downvoted, and maybe you will be blocked from asking questions.

    I speak from experience. Even though I asked and my question was answered, marked it as the right question, my question was blocked. The reason was that it was unclear what I was asking.

    WhT the fuck dudes, my question was answered and I MARKED it as the right answer. Whatbyhe fuck....
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    @aldoblack some people don’t have anything better to do online than criticize others efforts. I’ve even seen them downvote and give crap to guy whose not even a native a question from someone that’s not a native English speaker. I honestly pity those people because I believe they are sad and insecure on the inside.
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    Closed: duplicate of stackoverflow.com/questions/404
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    Write the question then...
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