My work desk is ordered chaos. It's an unspectacular white desk.

To the left paper for taking notices... And a collection of notes highly unordered.

In the top left corner of the desk the router.

Middle (front to back): Color sorted post it's with my backlog and all the stuff that I need to keep track off.

Keyboard, Monitor

Right (front to back): mailboxthingy, post it block, utensilo (made of bamboo)

That's the working desk. Like the "shining knight in armor"....

Next to the working desk is the play desk, a large kitchen table with a 5mm thick black rubber (keep your dirty thoughts for yourself ;)) as insulation and scratch prevention.

There is usually utter chaos.

Banana PI R2, test router, old hardware, hardware storage cabinet, screw and other small part cabinet....

And to the right is a large chest of drawers where I cram everything in that doesn't belong anywhere.

I'm pretty boring I guess.

Except you are kinky for old hardware and lots of weird stuff noone uses nowadays...

Then you're in heaven I guess.

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    @rutee07 week was hard and I totally forget your comment.

    You really need some mothertugging hugs... Inch? What's wrong with you?

    Do I need to be worried?

    Why do you use such crap units?

    *sad puppy eyes*
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