Why pay $7/mo PER PROJECT for heroku that runs on aws when you can just pay $5/mo for Linode that has opt-out data sharing and you can install Caprover or Dokku there to have the experience similar to heroku and create as many projects as your hardware allows you, $5 for all?

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    Or stack your cash up and purchase hardware even if it ends up being a fleet of old office computers
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    @matt-jd and then it will gain crowd consciousness and try to conquer the world
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    @matt-jd good luck running a mail server there and delivering at least one email into someone’s inbox, not a spam folder.
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    @uyouthe you didn't state that it had to run a mailserver ;)
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    @iiii happened at a place I worked. If it ever happens to you, whatever you do just keep moving.

    I can still hear the screams of the folks who stoped to grab their phone before they ran...
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    Last time I was benchmarking servers, Linode was very slow.
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