Cats are basically badly programmed NPCs.

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    No, well programmed. It's just that we don't understand their algorithm.
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    They're pretty well programmed. They are the most successful predators.
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    It's just that the constructor of their class has a random seed that defines their behavior, that's why each time that you turn around, they are doing something different. Each time you stop looking at them, they get optimized and not simulated.
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    @cafecortado @iiii I guess mine doesn't have the latest firmware update. cat.exe always stop working
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    @cabbybaby It's not the cat, it's just that it runs on windows.
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    When you see inside their head, they're pretty understandably random!
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    @cabbybaby oh yeah, they have a very aggressive power saving profile so they are in their lowest P state around 2/3 of a day
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    Human NPCs are not well programmed either.
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