As someone who uses UNIX and UNIX-like systems on a daily basis, and someone dealing with computer support in a school, I experience so, so many issues, many of which others have already ranted about.

For no reason at all, I find it incredibly frustrating how many high school students' understanding of sudo is limited to this:
Student: Hey, isn't sudo the minecraft command
Me: Erm
Student: You know, the one skeppy uses... to troll players? Anyway, you're doing it wrong. There should be a slash before you run the command
Me: aaargh.
and so on. Happens probably every 10th time I invoke sudo.

I mean, really? Surely these kids, with all their complaints and lines: hacking into the mainframe/whats the admin password/why did you block my VPN/ and so on, would know what sudo is. But NO, they just don't seem to get it. Sometimes I lose my hope in the futures of these kids.

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    Explain it once and they might actually catch on, otherwise they'll repeat to no end what they've heard somewhere.
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    That's right.
    Tell them once, every other time, beat them with a book.
    Adjust the number of hits every time they ask.
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    @metamourge Apparently you're too far away from asking stupid questions yourself. Relax, everybody has to start somewhere.
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    I laugh my ass off everytime someone mentions sudo.

    sudo is the worst shit.
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    I don't play minecraft, what are they talking about?
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