So just got email from my potential investors - saying they are not interested. This is my second major failure this year.... I spent my every dim on developing the prototype.
Now I am dead broke and unemployed.
I have sent 10 job applications - gotten no reply.
Open Freelancer account (fiveer, upwork, guru).
Yet no gig.
I am slowly going into depression.
Please can someone help me and give me a damn gig or job.
I still believe in my entrepreneurship pursuit but right now, with zero money to do anything, I just want a job damn.

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    Best of luck.

    Note that 10 applications in terms of a job search isn't a lot.
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    Your website should have more information than lorem ipsum, and lacks https.

    If you apply somewhere, you should present yourself from your best site.

    Try to ask yourself, why would you never hire yourself. Then work on those things.
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    Oh and heads up!
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    LinkedIn, as long as you ignore the obnoxious virtue-signalling posts, has always worked for me. You get recruiters reaching out to you. I found a lot of jobs that are not even advertised online through contacts (random recruiters, previous co-workers, referrals, etc.)

    Another way I get offered jobs is through some tutorials I post + GitHub portfolio. Every now and then I will get emails from people who say they are trying to do the same thing and if they can hire me for it. I haven't tried accepting any of these yet.
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    @dder If I'd find this out about someone/something I'd possibly invest in I'd do a 180 right away. Not to be rude to anyone but come on, it's 2020!
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    @F1973 @rutee your comments were super helpful, I guess I have to do more on my efforts and lots of self review- though I think why my prototype wasn't accepted was my co-founder fucked up pretty badly during the Q/A session ( last interview with inventors). Though it hard to be broke and positive - I think I will pick up my self and move on.
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    @ddsr please do me a favour and check again the website.
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