Hardware Nerd Rant...

Spend nearly a year waiting for a super high end developer laptop. Tricked out MacBook Pro 2016: $4200+, Tricked out Surface Book 2/i7, $3700+

No 32GB ram because of Intel power consumption pre-Cannonlake. Mac doesn't have a touchscreen at its price point...

My gut ultimately says: NOPE.JPG

General hope is for GPU Docks like the Razer Core to come to Apple in 2017. Thoughts?

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    @azuredivay I think Surface pro 3 or 4 have 32gb variant and Surface Book too i think
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    @Toddmagnusson Well again Microsoft fucked up something.
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    @azuredivay problem right now is balancing battery life, portability, performance and price. I think the market is near a shift where it can achieve all four at a luxury price tag in a year or so. The Surface Studio nailed it minus portability. Surface Book 2 and MacBook Pro 2016 kind of get it, Waiting to see the Surface Pro 5. Thing holding Microsoft back is screen size options for Surface Book. 15 inches is the sweet spot. I have heard the battery life was solid.

    I should of stated my context a bit further, I'm looking for something that matches the feel of the MBP 2013+ that can also playa game like Overwatch at relatively high quality and power 4K monitors. Needs expandability with GPU docks so I can milk 5-6 years out of a $4,000 investment. Hell, a man can dream.

    I did look at Razor Blade Pro but it's battery life is horrendous let alone its portability is in question. It is a beautiful piece of hardware regardless. Razer is what Asus was 5-6 years ago.
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    Have you looked at the dell xps 15? I had the same dilemma and it seemed like a ok compromise.
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    @DLMousey you must not be throwing anything then..
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    @thijsvn more intense stuff than C# ;)

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