Well, after lurking in the dark for years, I finally created an account just so I could downvote a certain security related post.
However, I am lacking the necessary ++.
So a "hello, world!" with a sprinkle of rant it is:

Be me:
Show WIP Feature, state that it will be probably done by tomorrow, excluding time for peer review
Be my PM:
"Can we release this today?"

This happend so often that "Can we release this yesterday?" became a common phrase among my coworkers and me if someone is ranting about something broken in their feature. Probably gonna try using it here as well :D

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    >so I could downvote a certain security related post.

    LMAO welcome aboard.
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    +1 solely for your reason to create an account
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    @F1973 Hate is a powerful motivator after all!

    And welcome to you, @Rotten tomatoes
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    @Jilano It indeed is. They say love is powerful but it is not. Hate is stronger.

    I am not kidding.
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    I've got a feeling I know which post that was 🤣

    Welcome aboard the devRant train!
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    You got nice motivation, here's a ++ for you
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    Take my ++ and start rolling.
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    Welcome! :)
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    Oh noo!!!! an 18 year old on the internet who is still in college with 0 practical experience has said something stupid on the internet about a TWO FUCKING TRILLION DOLLAR COMPANY, i must correct him
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    Mine by any chance? 😅
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    Nah, the theabbie post
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    @Rotten Oh yeah gotya
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    I wasn't planning on correcting him, I wasnt that invested in the thread. But I really disliked his lack of self reflection, a lot of smart people telling him (very politely at first) the shortcomings of his post and him completly disregarding their feedback.
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    Which of your posts do you mean though, I must have missed it
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    If its the satellite update thingy, I really enjoyed the questions, the whole "how to update/patch medical devices" topic is quite intimidating. Especially if the device cant just be turned on/off/be replaced
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    @Rotten Oh not a specific one, I just rant a lot about cyber/privacy stuff :)
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    Dm me for your copy of elisha-gras.html

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    Downvote bans are a terrible feature 🤷‍♂️
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    @linus-torvald age isn't an excuse anymore when you have the internet at your fingertips.
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    A little late to the party, but welcome onboard @Rotten
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