One of you guys posted about having a score of 666, to which a bunch of people (myself included) started downvoting their posts to keep it that way. I wanted to remove my --'s later, but they deleted the post and I forgot their name, and now I feel bad. Can you please present yourself so I can undo my harm, dear victim of my humor?

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    What harm could meaningless internet points ever cause?
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    @endor None, I just feel disproportionately bad about it. Obviously nothing serious.
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    @shakur groundhog day is over...add a message here and receive your ++
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    Maybe you can't see the rant in your feed because giving -- means hiding the post. You can see your last visited rants from your profile. Be careful when downvoting posts as it very soon leads to a permanent -- ban, meaning that your downvotes won't count.
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    @electrineer I don't even see my comments from my own prodile
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