The most amazing thing about my new company. Is that they let me watch courses of my choice (unless they want me to learn something they need)

So I subscribed to pluralisght and I'm watching 30-60 minutes a day and I'm learning .NET core and entity frame work. Now this sh** is amazing!

In a few months I'll reach the master level!

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    EF 🤮
    Everything else 👍
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    @sladuled imo it goes more like this

    ASP.NET: 🤮
    Everything else 👍🏻👌🏻
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    @Bubbles 🤣 If I go that way, then I have to rewrite whole projects.. o.O //not a bad idea, but I don't have the luxury of time!!
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    @sladuled I completely understand I’ve just never had a good relationship with it lmfao
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    Let me join in
    All the above and Pluralsight: 🤮
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    @Benutzername never used pluralsight before only Udemy, what’s bad about it?
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    @Bubbles I think pluralisght is way better than Udemy. . I think it gives you the the internals and how things works more often, Generally speaking. they also have paths and tests that removed the feeling of being lost I have at Udemy.

    And yes teachers might not be fun, but they actually worked at Microsoft and very known with their knowledge.
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    Also. EF RULE. php and my sql is plain disgusting.

    Btw I agree that .NET used to suck until very recently with .NET core, now it is smooth as butter
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    @MegatonSettler Unless your list view has checkboxes to select items, in which case everything breaks and you'll get too long URLs.
    I find it a terrible idea to abstract away http from a webapp.
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    @Bubbles All teachers may be experts in their field but sadly not at teaching.
    I've heard they get paid by course lenght, which would explain the unnecessary course lenght.
    The topics are either too in depth or too shallow.
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    @Benutzername @MegatonSettler I can understand both sides
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    @Benutzername maybe that's true. My experience proved otherwise. Not sure if by unnecessary you mean when teaching in abstract terms and explaining the internals. Because if that what you mean, just remember some people needs the abstract level to understand (me me!).

    If you actually mean they try to speak slow or waste time, maybe, I'm one guy who watched like 20 courses. So I can't rely on my experience to give statistical argument.
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