And then there was this big review...

DEVs:" this bug is hazardous and needs to be fixed quickly! It could crash a productive system completely!"
CTO and DEV teamlead:" shut up! This big exists more than two years! No customer will ever klick this button!"

--exactly twelve hours later--
Customer:"so we clicked on this button and our system crashed! Can you help us quickly? We are losing money!!!"
CTO in the meeting:"who programmed this shit? Are you insane?"
Teamlead:"you are useless !!"

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    Document, display, delight.
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    and after you fix it
    CTO: through the tireless efforts of our developers we are able restore 100% performance for production. Excellent work to everyone who work on this issue.
    Team lead: great work team!
    You: 🙄🤐
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    Hazardous? Do you write in Chernobyl?
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    Toxic culture and management
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    ... Leaving by the end of the year
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