Thinking of doing "workation" in India. Any ideas/inputs/tips?

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    @Benutzername yeah. For me, it is basically working from a place where one can enjoy nature in the free time. Wfh is anyways going to stay due to covid 😅
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    I wouldnt do it while the pandemic is going on. Indias citys are already one if the most polluted in the world and with covid19 that causes respiratory problems and other illnesses even in "mild cases". Also the pollution and other environmental problems make it very much at the bottom at my "foreign countries to make a vacation" list.
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    @stop Agree to your point of pollution and environmental issues. But there are some parts of the country where you can really see the natural beauty.

    Also, the plan is to start next year. Maybe by then, the covid situation either gets contained or covid becomes the "new normal". Would've chosen some foreign locations but finances😢
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    Sound pretty cool idea. Have you ever done it before?
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    Meh, I wouldn't personally. If I'm paying to stay somewhere, I want to be relaxing there or enjoying the local attractions, not working my arse off.

    Considering moving somewhere much more remote though, especially if remote working continues to stay as popular.
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    I wonder how good network connectivity the beautiful non-polluted parts of the subcontinent has for working. Do they even have electricity?
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    @electrineer On Airbnb, they claim that they have good WiFi connectivity and 24 x 7 power backup. Don't know the actual reality
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