Went through changing Apple ID email. I have 💻,📱and⌚️.

Felt like that horror movie moment when protagonist tries to be stealthy but makes a noise and a huge mob of zombies turn heads all at once. For what I love apple, the simplicity, in the email changing process there is none of that.

They forced me to enter my 60 arbitrary obscure characters password on Apple Watch screen.

On the other hand I felt nostalgic. When I was using Linux this all was my day to day experience no matter the distro, and I got a Linux Foundation certificate, I contributed to Elementary. Can’t imagine the experience of a user who just switched to Linux.

Windows? I don’t want to think about that, let alone talking. You only need to know that I successfully configured a SoE setup AND active directory in ad-hoc unstable network of literally rusty old computers. And I still switched to Linux back then.

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    No matter how smooth you try to make it there always is that process that is bonkers.
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    @N00bPancakes in practice yes but in theory it can be avoided.

    Bitwarden has no bonkers. Change my mind :)
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    I feel like apple throws you a curve ball when it asks for another DEVICE password, it’s like... I see you are activating a new iPhone please enter the unlock code of the iPad you sold 2 years ago, wtf? that has happened to me even after entering the correct apple id and having 2fa
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    @FrodoSwaggins Yeah that one feels like a sort of rando arbitrary barrier that yeah I get how that 'should' be something the owner knows... but also seems a little ephemeral and maybe vulnerable... like old device password means relying on some old stuff too ... spidey sense doesn't like that.
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    @FrodoSwaggins just contact their support
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