For those of you who complain about the auto update "feature"

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    You’re not owning your windows computer. You’re renting it. Microsoft is the owner.
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    I mean ...it does.
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    Yeah, but it would be nice if they built it in a way where it didn't take a half hour of downtime to update. Seems like a solvable problem.
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    Windows protects you in an online world by taking down a server in use by 350+ people because they decided you really needed the update.

    Windows protects you in a online world when your other server that has no internet connection bugs you almost daily because it hasn't been able to force any updates on you.

    They should simply include a feature that can still protect you in an online world: give users the power of choice on their own machine.
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    @uyouthe yep, it's actually really brilliant a variable based os opposed to macs os version control that burns bridges on every update to make you pay more
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    @ddit if you're not paying attention to a server and it forces an update...I think thats asking for more than an unexpected update.
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    Reminds me of the Hawaiian alert jokes
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