I have installed PyAudio but whenever i try to import it, it throws an error called "no module named PyAudio".
I have also googled abt it but didn't find any useful answers. Anybody have solution for this...

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    Pip install pyaudio? 🤔 Perhaps you're in a virtual environment
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    Will need some extra context:
    - Have you installed pyAudio using pip or just by downloading the files by hand?
    - Are you using virtualenv or something alike?

    Damn, @alexbrooklyn beat me to it while I was typing. xD
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    @theKarlisK pip install didn't worked out i have installed a whl file
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    @shivv what's the pip error?
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    Maybe you've installed the python 2 version while you're trying to use it with a python 3 interpreter?

    Happened to me with pip.
    Always install via pip3
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