I can't tell what bothers me the most about this ad... The font size in the IDE, the random mix of unrelated computer equipment, the amazing opportunity to "work for free", or the mirrored displays

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    His laptop is half open indicating he can't seem to do some things without leaving it half open....that's maddening.

    Having said that I often investigate unexpected react component re-renders with an equalizer. Don't knock it until you try it.
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    It looks like as he's livestreaming though, which would easily explain 90% of equipment and stuff there
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    I mean, it's certainly not indicative for a so-called React coding challenge.
    However, a bunch of devs have audio equipment (e.g. Shure SM7b like in the image, some audio interface like that RØDECaster Pro Podcast) to make videos or live stream regardless of what videos they end up making.
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    this dude was posting about a course he has selling it on his website for about $300 dllrs with big production adds for his stuff. I don't know how good his course was, but it was only for frontend JS stuff
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    I normally use that font size.
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    For me, it's the chaotic lack of cable management. That shit drives me nuts.
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    @MrHallows Seriously, reach for the headphones and everything breaks.
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    Is his screen bigger than my 50" ?
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    I have to leave my laptop half open if I'm remote accessing it, or otherwise the 2nd GPU doesn't show up on the remote connection !
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    Most of my cables are behind the desk..
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    @Nanos the first pic looks like someone made some space in the storeroom to place the SysAdm 😉
    Does he appear on the inventory list?
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    Such font size makes sense for screen recording / coding videos. Readable even when player switches to low-res due to bandwidth and the students are not getting lost in wall of text.
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    His mic is right in the way his right hand takes to go from the mouse to the keyboard.
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