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    Eclipse is really a piece of shit.
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    I used Eclipse IDE for a while and it's quite good. What do you think it's bad?
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    @Larsg310 large, slow, clunky, ugly.
    Try IntelliJ IDEA instead - then you'll realise
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    @code I have been using IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate since I've gotten a student license (about 4 months now), so I know what IntelliJ is about and why it's great.

    But 2 of your points are just a matter of taste. I do not think Eclipse is bad, and I do find IDEA better than Eclipse.
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    I use Eclipse in a professional environment for years with different programming languages and even so sometimes it sucks it's still better than changing the editor every few weeks.
    Most people I found complaining about Eclipse had no idea how to use it.
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    Eclipse is nice
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    I gave up on this clunky IDE and went with IntelliJ IDE since I have a full version of JetBrains license
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