"Your documentation doesn't specify what should be returned if there is no item matching the id, so currently I'm just gonna have it throw a 504"

Why on earth would you? What's wrong with you, you sick bastard?

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    They just randomly picking error codes?
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    depending on the shonky lookup, it might be right 😎
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    The number of people I've had to explain status codes to is unreal.

    The worst though is when people who own intermediary layers refuse to forward status codes because it might be seen as their layer producing an error. 😠
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    What the actual fuck
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    @SortOfTested intermediate layers are tricky. Something like 404, forward that. But I can never be sure what kind of information are exposed on all the 500 errors. I'd rather log those and throw my own 500
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    That's fine. The people I want to stab in the throat are the gateway fucks who eat my 500 and return a 200 because nothing was wrong at their layer.
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    Amateur mistake. Just throw 500 even if it's the client who fucks up.
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