Me at work:
🎵should I stay or should I go🎶

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    Grab a bunch of flowers. Pull out the petals one by one.
    Petal 1 = stay
    Petal 2 = go
    Petal 3 = stay
    and so on...
    After the last petal, cleanup the mess.
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    Literally me, but an hour before work.
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    @F1973 you are brave!
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    So you gotta let me know. Should I stay or should I go?
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    Stroke your cock and count the strokes. Note the exactly stroke you came on and if it’s number is odd then go, if it’s even then stay.

    No need for coins, petals and lines of code. Self-sufficient and also delivers pleasure. That’s what a great engineer would prefer.
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    I should do that, my boss would probably be very dissappointed but whatever
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    @iamai and go anyway lol
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    @ScribeOfGoD if he'll go anyway then just skip the cleanup
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    @uyouthe if he lost count then he can try again from the beginning
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    @iamai i've been losing count for the last five years. Every day I'm promising myself that TODAY is the day when I find the answer but it never happens
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