Dear self,

If you start a statement with “I think”, you do not have to also edit statement to add “in my opinion”. This is redundant and silly.

Why are you so freaking timid?

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    To be honest people doesn't understand it's mine or your opinion otherwise
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    If you're like me, you went through a period where you were shot down hard for the same actions your peers were lauded for.

    It takes time to find your voice.
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    I find myself in this situation constantly. As a dev I am careful when it comes to statements that infer absolute certainty.

    For example...

    "I will look at that tomorrow."

    Will I? Yeah...most likely, but I cannot say that with absolute 100% clear minded certainty. I will try, but I could get sick, or get pulled into an important meeting, or some other off-nominal scenario could cause me to not do what I said I would.
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    I can feel this.
    Never worked on verbal skills and now sometimes I struggle communicating my thoughts
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    @BobbyTables as long as smooth talk isn't same as law, I don't see a problem 💯
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    "I think" people are weak fucks. "I think, but I could be wrong, I am sorry and I apologize for my thoughts but I believe...."

    Just buy a skirt.

    I only state facts. And sentences are not started with "The fact is...", since people already know it's a fact.

    So, if someone asks "Do you think this code is good?", you state "It's shit". And that's it. Not an opinion. A fact.
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    @thatDude You definitely live up to your username.
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    In normal circumstances (like when you're not acting a script, not telling a story or simply not lying :)) the "I think" is also redundant in the first place. We're supposed to tell what you're thinking, aren't we?

    People find these "normal circumstances" abnormal, so we're regularly forced to indicate "I'm being honest right now", often in vain.
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    May seem unrelated, but from a logical perspective, in fact you (as a machine) can't do this at all!


    P.s. Yes I'm the one who ruins the parties :)
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    @beleg It’s more in the context of expressing an opinion about a method of file structuring and the “I think” was more to signal “this is not the best practice as dictated by the framework” but an opinion.
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    @AmyShackles Then this rises from an ambiguity in the language where "this is better" is interpreted as "this is what I want to be done".

    Sorry, I know I should go out more often :)
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    Depending on where you post it, you don't need either phrases. The fact that you are posting it makes it obvious that it's your opinion. What's more useful is to add your rationale to the post to justify why you think that way. To make your opinion extra soft, you could first present your rationale and then your opinion on a question. "This thing is like this and it leads to that. So, shouldn't we do this thing like this to achieve that?"

    @thatDude I bet the op has already bought a number of skirts.
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    @electrineer It’s true. I am, in fact, wearing a skirt at this very moment.
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