I've gotten used to working in private mode/incognito since all the websites ask for permissions they don't need.

Serves them right.

They can ask those same questions and save preferences for hundreds of people who are just me. 😛

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    There was an extension for Chrome and Firefox that didn't block any of the info that all the websites would gather but instead fed them with garbage, randomised data.
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    If it's just about cookies and the like, you can set your browser to clear everything when you close it (or even the tab with an add-on)
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    @Jilano yeah but I don't want all cookies gone. I just don't want random cookies. Like, a website I visited once during my whole life shouldn't give me cookies. 🍪 Child abduction starts from there. Don't get cookies from strangers.
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    @NoMad Fair enough (cookies are great though, please share). I'm using a white list for the few websites I want to "keep", else just get trashed. You can also choose between first party/third party.
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    I find Firefox's enhanced protection mode settings handy.
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    @theKarlisK AdNauseam works similarly: instead of blocking ads, it clicks every single one of them. Good luck building a profile if you click every single ad that's thrown at you.
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    @theKarlisK is it still around? I'd pay for that kind of fuck you. Absolutely hate how every website wants your info and to inject you with cookies. There are only a couple of websites I would agree to allow cookies etc.
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    @stub I think it was AdNauseum that @Lucky-Loek mentioned.
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