So I'm using a using statement to utilize a streamwriter in C#. I'm missing a parenthesis but Visual Studio doesn't highlight that.


Instead it highlights "Console.WriteLine" and claims it "doesn't exist in this context."

So I'm scratching my head, trying to see what's wrong, checking the target framework (net framework 4.6.1) and I've got "using System;" and I'm going through stack overflow problems.

All because Visual Studio decided to underline console.writeline, rather than the METHOD WITH THE MISSING PARENTHESIS.

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    You live and you learn. 😛
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    It was not lying. Compiler cannot know where you should have put parentheses. If it could, you would not be needed.
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    This is why I d much rather use F#.
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    I didn't realise how good IntelliJ is about understanding syntax errors and typos until I used a different editor
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