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So, the potential client was in contact with me again, after our initial discussion ended with "okay, we'll try to figure out more clearer requirements", and then they procrastinated (as they confessed).

Now, they want a "simple portfolio type website with testimonial videos, a contact form and a hidden section with more videos for logged in customers"

... Okay, why don't you just... I basically linked them a bunch of service providers who have ready templates that they can just subscribe to for some monthly fee and have even someone at those providers' make the work for much less than I'd do it from scratch. My suggestions were ignored... and when I told them my best estimates of how long I'd take me and hoe much it would cost, the eventual reply was:

"Our CEO's going to think about it. He knows some dude who'd make a WP site for free.."

... well, that's going to end well.

Tbh, my correspondent did add that the "dude" is known to be extremely unreliable, so I might end up with this project after all.

I'm already ruing my decision to try my hands at some freelance work. I hate dealing with clients, so why do I even...?

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    Well that smelled bad from the start and obviously ... it was bad.

    Like if you can't communicate that you want something cookie cutter / basic from the start, that's suspicious.

    The folks who ask for a cookie cutter type site / app but refuse to use services that provide them... I think they know they want more / aren't willing to say / would rather just keep some person on the hook for it when they ask you to turn that WordPress site into Google....
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    @N00bPancakes like that's the thing here - I'm well aware they want more. They've said they want to add a webshop in phase 2, so I recommended them services which have they capability built-in. I do suspect they might want something even more, but having no clue whatsoever what's their business anyways, I have no idea what that would be. Someone is going to end up moving their WP or whatever to Google or some such eventually...
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    get paid upfront. non refundable,
    Make req changes really expensive. 300% of original estimates.
    Make sure feedback on issues timeframe is short, and issues reported after that period is in a scale: 200% for one month, 300% for 2-6, 500% after 6 month.
    Meetings, and calls are in the estimates.

    If they stick around after that... well. take the job. it will pay.
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    @magicMirror normally I'd take that advise. But in this case my correspondence is with a friend I actually owe a favour, so I'm not going to start being "an a-hole" now.

    I've told them I'll do their site at a contract rate, given the reqs remain unchanged. However, I think I'll give them the rest of your suggested rates as per hour for work on req changes and issues reported after an arbitrary but reasonable timeframe.

    If they stick, I'll take the job. Otherwise, someone else takes the fall.
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