TFW your company does a security test by sending out a mystery link to everyone which tracks how many people have clicked it and then just redirects to "Never gonna give you up"!

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    Most of the company does to spread awareness about phishing emails
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    not once have I missed an opportunity to click on those links. Except I do in a sandbox VM.

    And yet, if the link has a token unique to my account in the company, I'll be registered as "the idiot who clicked on the link" :/

    P.S. The rickrolling is a good idea though!
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    Most companies do it because they bought some cookie cutter software tied to some punitive training initiative to make it look like they're doing anything about security. It's theater.
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    My company did something similar with a phishing link that asked for your internal login data and promised some free hardware

    The problem was tough, it was sent using our own it email, from our domain.
    I use mail box rules to filter certain internal mail out into another directory, so I immediately saw that it came from the it department and thought “oh it must actually be legit...”

    EDIT: the Rick roll is 10/10 though
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