Here's hoping that 2020 ends with something mild, like a super volcano or something.

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    I really don't have time to deal with a super volcano...
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    I hope for aliens or zombies.
    Natural disasters are boring.
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    That would be nice indeed.
    A vulcano in Iceland or Indonesia covering the the whole stratosphere in darkness for a month or two. Cooling of the planet by 1.5 degree celisius.

    Like in the anime series Matrix Reloaded. "The destruction of the sky"
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    @heyheni I think people who live near arctic circle won’t spot the difference like I didn’t spot much difference with covid cause I worked remotely for a long time.
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    @heyheni I don’t know if you saw fire around San Francisco and city covered by smoke so I’d say you predicted it lol

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    sorry @vane 😄
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    @heyheni I can't tell if the post in that pic is serious or satire...
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    @N00bPancakes haha you won't believe how self centered some americans are. Other countries doesn't exist in their perception.

    That's why the English and Australians "tung in cheekly" call Amercians "Seppo". That's short for septic tank because that's the multitude of beeing full of shit. It's an act of desperation as it's sometimes really difficult to interact with USians. 😄
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    @heyheni I've never been convinced that anyone has a monopoly on basic human behaviors, even the less desirable ones.

    Being myopic is a universal thing.

    But my comment about that first pic was more along the lines of not getting how someone who clearly knows that someone else says X as a joke.... then takes it seriously in order to finger wave. That's dumb...
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    @heyheni My first legit interaction with an Australian was in France. He yelled at me for not responding to his request. I was on the phone with my wife in the USA. I ignored him and walked into another room. He followed me and started bitching me out. I told him "I am not staff!" Our work uniforms slightly resembled the staff uniforms. To his credit he apologized, but I don't understand why you would yell at staff that way. They have shitty jobs to begin with. So if an Aussie like that referred to me as a seppo I would tell him to go fuck himself.
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