I'm very new to the business world, this is my first freelance project, a website with articles, editable profile pages and a calendar. I can't say no to the customer so the scope grew a bit too fat. I'm moving to England and starting university next week, and the project is going to be transferred to some guy, supposedly for maintenance, but it's not even close to complete. I feel like shit for failing them and especially I feel bad for the poor guy after me.

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    Try to document the project as much as possible, and I don't mean only code comments, I mean writing a comprehensive readme explaining how stuff works and why you made them the way you did. If you write some good documentation, the life of the next dev will be way easier.
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    Also don't beat yourself too much for not being able to finish it in time, things like this happen. It's ok, you did the best you could :)
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    Stuff happens, don't beat yourself over it - you didn't finish but you laid the ground work and the next guy can finish it and he won't have to start from nothing.
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