Me: "I'll never be able to do this"

Me: "I suck at coding"

Me: "What am I even looking at"

Me: "Im going to get fired for being incompetent"

Me: "They could have hired a child with more coding prowess"

Supervisor: "Hey, good job. Keep up the good work."

Me: "Pfft of course you're talking to a pro here."

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    It feels like the other way around for me... I usually feel like I did something good until my boss comes and yells at me for writing such shit code :/
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    This is so me right now. I’m always feeling incompetent for having to hire freelance developers but the bosses are always saying how happy they are with what I’m doing for them so, I dunno, genius? I guess?
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    @Bl00D4NGEL @stackodev I'm just an intern so it's pretty draining for me lol but apparently I'm doing well...?
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    Simply put imposter syndrome all the way
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    Wow, I'm not alone in that!
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    @dottedr it's actually pretty prevelant in CS, imposter syndrome is spot on. Can be a career killer if not addressed properly.
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    @Crazed I totally agree. In my case it gets worse and worse because I work in a small company where most of the people is not technical. They have no clue what I do because it is mainly backend and they think that if i don't type I must be bored af or I have no clue what to do.
    My supervisor, likes to throw me into deep water of that messy project. And often I have to do somebody elses copy paste job that is not related to CS at all. If I was a complete junior I would be ok with that but my CV is pretty nice and I chose that company to learn something.
    I spoke with my supervisor about that for the second time. If it wasn't for how my uni handles placements I would change that job.
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    @Crazed What is meant by CS?
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    @Elex computer science
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    It's good to stay humble. That's how you get better.
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    I sympathize with this heavily
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    I also suffer from impostor syndrome. And I have been working as a software engineer and now architect for a while.

    I think that after a while you realize that you don't completely suck at everything.

    You still suck, just not equally at everything.

    And yeah, getting promoted is anti this feeling.
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    Def me. Literally like "what the fuck is going on in doing terrible." Last review I had I got promoted for my "obvious skill and dynamic learning capabilities." Was like "bruh I literally just listen to post-hardcore at my desk and cry"
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