Applying for jobs

Apply for anything that looks like I have any kind of shot

Get reply from one company

"Hi. What is your salary expectation?"


Nothing for 6 days

Reach out again "Hi. I'm guessing you've gone with someone else as I've heard nothing back"

"No your salary expectation was a bit high"

"Okay well, what are you offering"

"47% of X as this is a junior position"

Firstly, X is what I was making at my last job
Secondly, you can see how much experience I have. You know I'm gonna be asking for 2-3 year money not intern money.
Thirdly, all they had to do after my first email was reply with "That's bit much, here's what we can offer, are you still interested?"

So yea, in general, I hate the salary expectation question. I don't want to sell myself short but I'm also currently in the take what I get position. So if you ask me, I'm gonna tell you what I was last making. I think that was a reasonable number and I know everyone has been hit by the pandemic so I'm not asking for more.

Just advertise jobs with a damn salary range.

You know which jobs do have a salary range? The senior positions. You know who does know how to negotiate? Seniors

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    I'm convinced that the hiring people industrial complex exists just to keep the hiring people industrial complex going.

    That means dragging things out for as long as possible and keeping stakeholders on the hook, keeping things as opaque as possible to avoid being caught doing ... nothing of value.

    At a huge company I worked at before anyone was hired HR & Co. had to sign off on it. They literally knew jack shit, and would take a month or more to 'decide'.

    It was absolute insanity.
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    I know this feeling.
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    @AmyShackles How long you been looking?
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    Have you thought about showing them your glorious beard, ô @TheBeardedOne?
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    isn't salary range pointless?

    like, if they tell they can pay X to Y money, wouldn't you be going only for the largest amount? what's the point of the range?
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    @Jilano That reminds me, I need to update my avatar
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    @TheBeardedOne Yes, thank you. I just called you out on that specific topic on another rant.
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    @TheBeardedOne Since I got convinced to quit in March. Mistakes were made.
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    @iiii I've seen ads that say stuff like "x-y depending on qualifications" but yes "This how much the job pays, apply or don't" would be best
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    @iiii The range is to make you think you might get Y and to soften the blow when you get X instead.

    Treat every salary range like they will only pay you the bottom of the range and it's a lot easier
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    at least you got a reply, i'll reach out after the initial application due to radio silence and get a bounceback saying that i'm not allowed to send emails to their email server because blacklist.

    fucking mcd's won't even have me.
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    This is actually one case where a good recruiter can be really helpful - they often know the "secret" (but actual) salary range and will be prepared to either hint heavily, or flat out tell you what the top end of that is (their commission is salary based, so going for the top end is in their interests too.)

    This is actually how I landed a decent salary at my latest job - there was no way I could have known the top end otherwise.
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    @AlmondSauce Yea I had that before with a recruiter. That was last time I was looking and I didn't get that position but she was pretty nice
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    I am here from 4 links deep
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    @AlgoRythm Yea well, I'm an attention whore. I hope I'll be adding another chapter to my story early next week
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