Have you ever felt like your company is just some shell company, making meaningless projects to feed someone's appetite of bossing people around so that it doesn't look bad in taxes because he's paying himself with the salary and we don't even know what's connected to what and noticing weird relationships like some workers are of the same family members, who are also project managers but your salary is okay enough to keep your mouth shut?

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    I read it and somehow I keep thinking of a blue pill and red pill scene.

    Anycase do you work for a corporation with limited staff and likely with income which is very disproportionate to the staff size? If it feels off working there and your seeing nepotism happening rather than good performance getting rewarded then maybe consider finding a new place to work for.

    Personally, if the salary is high enough I might continue taking the blue pill for a bit while also planning an exit strategy.
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    Bullshit Jobs: A Theory is a 2018 book by anthropologist David Graeber that argues the existence and societal harm of meaningless jobs.

    He contends that over half of societal work is pointless, which becomes psychologically destructive when paired with a work ethic that associates work with self-worth.

    Originally published: May 15, 2018
    Page count: 368

    I just thought this book might be interesting to you so I copypasted this. I thought it was a fun read.
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    Here, have some water.
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    @iamai Don’t worry. It happens. You are still learning. Here, have another glass.
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