When you finally see a series of ✓'s across all tests - today is a good day!

Now to write a whole bunch more that......, that dickhead past @C0D4 didn't do.

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    @F1973 bastard hasn't had a prod deployment in like over 6 months, I've lost count now.

    Project work that never ends, has requirements change on a weekly basis, and then what gets built does not resemble the expectations, but meets requirements. @C0D4 has had a tough 2020.
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    I wonder if after few months the future @C0D4 will say the same about current @C0D4, that the current @C0D4 said about the past @C0D4

    I wonder if multiple tagging in same comment = multiple notifications ...
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    @gitpush sadly no, it doesn't too like that.

    Actually based on insights to next stages of business improvements.. let's call it an adventure to the modern world. future @C0D4 is going to be worshipping past @C0D4 for his efforts, however modern day @C0D4 is sick to death of writing and fixing hundreds of tests.
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    @C0D4 Meanwhile modern @gitpush is wondering since when I had squirrel on my shoulder instead of a bird ...

    I see your point, but for some reason, that type of things is what is making me lost interest in coding, I mean, keep changing keep adapting keep listening to nonsense from client to implement stuff, redo lots of work ....etc. if only work = working on side project, I have total control, no redo no nonsense shit ...

    I hate it when I have to undergo too many changes because client keeps changing core stuff
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    @gitpush I feel that, how much can you adapt, change, and push on in a new direction before you hit that peak of absorption and plateau out - I'm worried that day will appear.

    I don't deal with clients anymore, one of the nicest moves in my life was getting away from the "front lines" (retail sales) and hiding behind a monitor.
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    @F1973 what did I miss?
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    @C0D4 me too I don't deal with cleitns, but their changes are making me lose interest, it's like taking a child to a candy store, child keeps on: I want this, and this, and this, and this, it's only a dollar extra, it's only a small thing... Then I don't want them, take me to a toy store, I want toys!

    That's how my Dev days are ....
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    @F1973 Link, screenshot, tag, I WANT ANSWERS :P
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    @F1973 I get you now, yup indeed good night! I too rarely come here :\
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    @F1973 sort of lol
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