Looking for some opinions here. Chatbot from scratch or use an existing service?

I have to work with a messenger chatbot. The company has been using chatfuel, so I'm trying to work with it but it's kinda buggy in some parts. Have any of you created a messenger bot from scratch? I flipped through the documentation and it seems like a pain in the ass, but it's obviously more flexible than using a third party service.

So yeah, I'm trying to weigh the convenience of the third party vs its limitations compared to coding my own. What's your take on it?

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    3rd party already made. Could be buggy and might have to buy their support if really can't figure how to fix.

    Create own mean spend time to create. When there are issues only self to talk with. I can add features but more features more time to code.

    For me, depends more if I have time or want the learning then I develope from scratch. Usually though, I try not to reinvent the wheel.
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    Use 3rd party open source, and extend as required.
    I once wrote my own from scratch - the compny I worked for developed a chat app/server.
    I built the whole infra for the bot - wasted lots of time on the infra.
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