Do you have a specific ritual for entering the flow state?

Mine is pretty simple: blast high BPM trance/psytrance/full-on trance to the headphones and let it consume all my thoughts

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    Noise-cancelling headphones -> Good Piano music.
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    Nothing, just start work and it happens when it happens. Can't really force it.
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    @sudocode oh yes, ANC headphones work even better.

    Which ones do you have? I have Edifier w860nb
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    @iiii Cool! I have Sony 1000XM3, Got'em for real cheap when XM4 were released.
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    @sudocode I wish I've had Sony ones. But a price of 400 bucks for a pair is... A bit too much.
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    @iiii Got new ones for $249 which is a fair price over the ridiculus $400.

    Also had 'marriage savings' left over from a failed relationship. At least I don't have to hear her anymore :D

    *(noise cancelling pun intended)
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    @sudocode ba-dum-tss 😄
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    Headphones and a good xtra raw(style) mix!
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    I used to put on music and hope I get into it. Recently I've tried CBD gummies, not expecting much, but it was so much easier to get into flow.
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    Sounds cringe af but I legit have to slightly anger myself and direct it at...myself. It works though ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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