The DHCP server is off.

The school lied, Wi-Fi doesn’t work.


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    >The school lied

    Welcome to real world. I will keep an eye on this one.

    Keep them updates rolling.
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    @F1973 alright, right now nothing is happening though.

    Still really mad.
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    @OmerFlame Ight. I will grab my coffee until the action starts.
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    My school is worse betcha
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    @F1973 UPDATE: my main teacher told us that the upgrades are still taking place and that all 10th, 11th 12th graders will learn remotely from home.

    Then why did they tell us that they're done in the beginning...?
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    @OmerFlame so what are your plans? Will you use petrol or dynamite to destroy the school?
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    @F1973 I was thinking about Fluoroantimonic acid.

    It burns through bones.

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    @OmerFlame Have some mercy.
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    @F1973 fine, we’ll go with your dynamite plan.

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    @OmerFlame Yeah! just blow up the principal's office and give me a warning that next time it'll be the entire teacher's staff room.
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