The moment when you as an apprentice have to maintain the code of a java web application which was mostly written in 2004 with java 1.4.....
The most terrible part is that the production environment runs still java 1.7 and you think about the fancy java 8 features all the timeπŸ˜πŸ˜‘πŸ˜

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    Pretty much every projects I'm working on... 😭 I know how that feel, Bro, I know how that feel. Worst part is, the higher up sees it this way: Look how far Java 1.4/5/6/7 has gotten us, there isn't any need to upgrade as long as it still works, even for new projects.
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    @whocareswhoiam the best about it is that my project has little documentation and the old devs tought it would be a great idea to not use JavaDoc or even comments so I have to debug nearly every single line to really understand what it is doingπŸ˜“πŸ˜“
    The whole project is just the worst thing I've ever seen in terms of clean code.
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    Sounds like my first job. Good luck (it almost gets better one day).
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    At least its not stuck at 1.4..
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    @M4R1KU Unbelievable. Just hope there isn't any obscure features/workarounds hidden somewhere in the code. πŸ˜“Good luck!
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    Lol java
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    It remembers me a project I worked... They used some obscure classes from JDK 1.5 and JBoss 4.2... Tupy can't build neither run ir Igor you change JBoss or JDK version...
    Ah, I almost forgot the best part... They used "custom library's versions" (they took a library source code, change some lines of code and than repackage it and add, without a dependency manager, of course, to the project)...
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    Ahh yeah the best part was that i got a vm with everything set up for the project and they used eclipse and nothing like maven or gradle. Me personally i hate eclipse and use IntelliJ all the time and so I had the pleasure to add about 100 libraries in different locations manually to the IJ project to work at least a little bitπŸ˜‚.
    The whole code is full duplicates and just bad code all over the place and I have the feeling that things like DRY, SRP or KISS didn't exist in 2004πŸ€”.
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