Junior coder says validation is not needed on asp.net mvc form pages because it is not in the requirements or part of the definition of done. Wants to argue about it. Refuses to do it. Says I am over optimizing or some shit like that. Good luck with that. If you can't figure that one out or listen to feedback perhaps you should become a project manager not a programmer.

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    I get how senior devs might be arrogant, having worked on several projects and having the title and stuff.

    But juniors, dude, you have a job description that has the words n00b written all over it. Be humble, you can think of yourself as highly as you want, but show some respect and try to learn.

    ( Just in case I sound like I am all up my seniors ass. Sure there are retards that got falsy promoted and people that haven't kept up with the technology for years. But you won't teach them anything by acting like a spoiled brat or blatantly disrespecting them.)
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    I always say you can't teach someone who already knows everything.
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    I really want to punch these people, not for my own satisfaction or to express my rage however, but to see if they will wake up from their dream world
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    Actually "secure coding" should be a mandatory requirement in every project.

    However, It cannot be achieved by just feedbacks from fellow developers. It has to be in your company's policy.
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    Then how are you sure your data is right?
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    @projektaquarius common sense you would think I guess I have been doing this too long but I would get ran off a job quick if my ui let users enter junk data.
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    I'm junior.. hell I'm student even, and I'd NEVER think of not validating... WUT??
    Also. Fucking respect those who know more man... How else are you supposed to learn...
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    @Saborknight most are awesome just the occasional know it all comes along. I have been doing this 10 years and I don't know much but I am good at keeping myself out deep shit.
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    @georgelynch I know what you mean actually...
    My poor poor friend had to deal with one of those for a group project in uni. Literally every second day was her ranting about him and how he doesn't make sense with his decisions, is ignoring her input, is leaving things to the extremely last minute. Not being clear about what he wants...
    He had made himself the lead of the project, the other guy was pretty much his bitch so there wasn't much she could do on that matter.
    Our Messenger chat was pretty much a private devRant.
    This was way before I was introduced to devRant. she's on here too, now we roam the realms of devRant rejoicing in the knowledge that we aren't alone :D
    I've forgotten the context of the comment I'm replying to now xD

    @dfox , could we please see the content whilst we're typing somehow? A button to temporarily pull the text window down and then you could tap "Continue Comment" please?
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    @Saborknight the feature already exists. Just close the comment with the x. And if you have reread everything just press add comment again. Everything written stays as long as you don't leave the rant.
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    @georgelynch expert know it all here, I know what you are going through...hehehe...
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