I just realized one of today's emails is asking to review again that spaghetti program and this time figure out how to optimize performance because it is getting flagged for high cpu and database usage. A Niagra of If-statements and nobody-cares-for-comments-and-technical-documentation.

*bleep* *bleep* *bleep* previous programmer.

I'll deal with this torture on Monday.

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    Please livestream the torture on OnlyFans
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    Boy, sorry they flagged you for my project :p

    sounds like the one I'm in processes of fixing right now. Ofc I wrote it over a year ago but def not with best practices in mind
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    @alexbrooklyn nah it won't be that interesting. I'm normally silent during tortures.

    @superposition at least you're fixing your own code. There is no more original developer to ask to redeem himself. My inner guts just tells me to comment out the whole thing and create a build new one.
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