I'll never understand distro hopping. You're having something that works fine and that you're used to. You can always change the look by using another DE. But you prefer to throw it all away, try something else, end up deceived, try something else.
Just, why? Educate me, what are you exactly looking for that makes you want to change after some time?

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    Sometimes the journey is worth more than the end result
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    @alexbrooklyn Yeah maybe when you're traveling. Not when you're moving to another "home" / work OS, unless I'm missing something
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    @CodeTalker Some people consider distro hopping fun, who am I to judge the 'journey' of others? ;)
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    What @alexbrooklyn said, besides, some people get bored easily so they have to entertain themselves one way or another.
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    I like to boot other distros (live from USB) to check how well they run OOTB, and to have a look. It's always nice to know alternatives. But for the installation, I'll stay with Mint as long as it works that well.
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    Sometimes, it’s all about doing just for the sake of it. Like “sohan papdi hopping”.
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    Considering the fact there's like 3 main distros and everything else is a spin-off with different defaults, it's basically a convenient way to try out different desktop environments without configuring them yourself.
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    A lot of people do it for fun I guess

    Distros don't really matter all too much in the grand scheme

    The most important thing is the package manager, and what sources you get (rolling release or not).

    Other things aren't too important especially for new users, imo.
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    distro hoping = entry level
    It's for when you don't know how to customize it, or what's even possible to do...
    It's more like sight-seeing or getting used to things, sorta like buying an entry level smartphone for the first time
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    I used to distro-hop until about two years ago.

    Why? Because I'm a sucker for eye candy and good working interfaces and I never found my current perfect match until then. It was pretty much to find a system that suits my needs very well and it took a lot of distro's to find out that Kubuntu works the best for me as of now.

    Right now I'm happy with kubuntu, maybe I'll look at other systems soon :)
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    I honestly don't get it either. I get customization in general, but why go through the hassle of installing a whole distro when you could just install the package for budgie desktop or gnome or KDE or whatever you're actually wanting to try out?
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